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About Us

Scott & Winters Law Firm, LLC, represents Ohio employees who have not received an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work. We represent employees in negotiations, individual lawsuits, and class action lawsuits involving Ohio and federal wage and hour law.

Our Focus: Wage and Hour Law

Wage and hour law is what we do every day. We keep ourselves constantly up to date on complex Ohio and federal employment laws and regulations so that we can advise employees about their rights and seek every penny they are due under the law. We understand the importance of the deadlines by which an employee must claim his or her lost wages before statutes of limitations expire. We can help you avoid losing your claim due to delay. Learn more here about our Wage and Hour Law practice.

Our Attorneys: Years of Success in Ohio and Nationwide

The attorneys of Scott & Winters have recovered millions of dollars for thousands of employees throughout Ohio and the United States. Although we focus on Ohio law, our practice is nationwide. Joe Scott is a seasoned litigator who has advocated on behalf of clients in almost 100 jury trials. Joe’s background also includes work for the City of Cleveland Department of Law: Joe knows the law and he understands the legal system, inside and out. Ryan Winters is an employment, consumer, and class action attorney at Scott & Winters Law Firm, LLC. He has recovered millions of dollars for thousands of wronged clients. He has obtained favorable verdicts in jury trials when companies refused to obey the law. And he has successfully resolved cases for his clients against Fortune 500 companies.

Nationwide Class Action Cases

Scott & Winters counsels individual employees about their rights, negotiates with employers, and files lawsuits to recover wages, damages, and other compensation for employees. We also are skilled class action attorneys who can identify and prosecute rights violations by employers that affect large groups of employees. Class and collective actions allow employees to fight together to make sure employers take employee rights seriously. Contact us today if you are among a group of employees whose rights are being violated, or to find out if you are eligible to take part in one of our ongoing class action suits.

Educating Clients

Ohio employees should understand what wages and overtime pay they are due under the law to avoid being taken advantage of by employers. But some employers violate the law without being aware that they are doing so. Scott & Winters will provide a free legal consultation to determine whether your rights have been violated. We also encourage you to learn more here about Wage and Hour Law, including Ohio laws and the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Please contact Scott & Winters for a free consultation if you believe you have not received the pay you are due. We will discuss your rights and put our experience to work for you.

We represent employees in negotiations, individual lawsuits, and class action lawsuits involving Ohio and federal wage and hour law.