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Ohio Wage and Hour Law

Scott & Winters Law Firm, LCC, has helped countless Ohio employees recover the unpaid wages due to them under Ohio and federal law. We handle negotiations and lawsuits for individual employees and for groups of employees who have been treated unlawfully by their employers.

We can help you recover the money and employment status you are due for wage and hour violations, including:

  • Overtime pay
  • Off-the-clock violations - including unpaid time at your work site when you are required to:
    • put on a uniform
    • check company emails or boot up computers
    • work at the beginning or end of your shift
  • Lunch breaks
  • Minimum wage violations
  • Tip credits
  • Unused vacation time
  • Misclassification as an independent contractor (paid straight time for overtime)
  • Misclassification as a salary (exempt) employee
  • Retaliation for standing up for your rights

Contact Scott & Winters to learn more about these and other violations of Ohio and federal employment law.

Do I Have a Wage and Hour Claim in Ohio?

Ohio employees are protected both by Ohio's wage and hour laws and by federal laws including the Fair Labor Standards Act. The right attorney will discuss your claim with you and advise you regarding whether your rights have been violated under each of the various applicable laws. Your attorney should also tell you how and when to raise this issue with your employer, if you haven't already.

Scott & Winters can answer all of your wage and hour law questions. We also serve as class action attorneys. This means that, if your fellow employees have suffered the same rights violations, we will help you fight together against your employer. A group of employees challenging the same rights violations makes a strong statement and often brings quicker recovery for every employee involved.

Contact us today to discuss your case. Or follow these links to learn more about the law:

Ohio Wage and Hour Laws

Federal Law: Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Am I Exempt Under the FLSA?

Am I an Independent Contractor or an Employee Under Ohio Law?

Federal law governs whether you should be classified in Ohio as an independent contractor or employee. Individuals are often misclassified as independent contractors (and often given a 1099 tax form) by their employers. The result almost always means that the employer unfairly benefits from paying less wages and not paying payroll taxes. if you are wrongly classified as an independent contractor, you may be missing out on overtime and other benefits that employers are required to give to their employees.

Contact us for an evaluation of whether you have been misclassified as an independent contractor. Or learn more here:

Independent Contractor or Employee?

Wage and Hour Statutes of Limitations:
How Long Do I Have to File a Claim in Ohio?

Both federal and Ohio laws protecting employees are subject to statutes of limitations. This means that there are deadlines after which you can no longer file a claim against your employer even if your rights were violated. A wage and hour attorney can inform you how long you have to file a claim and whether there are other steps you should take to make your employer aware of your claim.

Scott & Winters strongly encourages employees to learn right away about how long they have to file their wage and hour claims. Don't let your lost wages go unpaid due to delay. Please contact us today for information on the deadlines and laws applicable to your case. You can reach us by calling 440.498.9100, by email at jscott@ohiowagelawyers.com or rwinters@ohiowagelawyers.com, or using our online contact form.

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