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Lorain Wage Theft Attorney

Wage theft is a serious crime that deprives workers of the money they need and deserve. Workers in Lorain and throughout Ohio are legally entitled to fair wages, including minimum wage and overtime pay. If you believe your employer has been stealing or misappropriating your wages, contact Scott & Winters Law Firm, LLC, to discuss your legal options with an attorney. You may be entitled to financial compensation through a wage theft claim.

Why Hire Our Lorain Wage Theft Attorney?

  • We know how to get real results. We have recovered millions of dollars and handled over 100 jury trials on behalf of our clients. Our testimonials speak for themselves.
  • Our attorneys are not afraid of a challenge. We are passionate about holding employers, including Fortune 500 companies and powerful adversaries, accountable for wage theft.
  • We have over 35 years of experience representing clients in employment law in Lorain and throughout Ohio. We understand Ohio’s wage and hour laws.

What Constitutes Wage Theft in Ohio?

Wage theft refers to an employer illegally underpaying or failing to pay workers for hours worked. It is a breach of an employee’s right to fair wages, as granted by both state and federal law. The federal Fair Labor Standards Act, for example, provides standards for minimum wage and overtime pay (one-and-one-half times the worker’s usual rate). Violating any of these laws to shortchange a worker can lead to a wage theft claim.

Common wage and hour violations in Lorain include:

An employer in Ohio may intentionally or unintentionally violate wage laws. Either way, if you believe you have been paid less than you deserve by an employer in Lorain, you may be eligible for financial compensation. No employer may retaliate or take adverse action against a worker who reports wage and hour law violations. Retaliation can give a worker grounds to file an additional claim against the employer.

How to Deal With Wage Theft in Lorain

If you suspect wage theft at your place of employment, talk to your employer. There may be an administrative error or mistake that you can clear up easily. If the company continues to unlawfully withhold wages you are rightfully owed, file a complaint with the Ohio Department of Commerce’s Wage and Hour Bureau. They will send an officer to investigate the complaint and potentially take legal action against your employer. Finally, consult with an attorney to discuss the compensation that may be available through a wage theft claim.

Compensation Available for Wage Theft Victims

As a victim of wage theft, you have the right to seek payment from your employer for all unpaid wages, also known as backpay. An attorney from Scott & Winters Law Firm, LLC, can help you establish, document and prove your unpaid wages to obtain full compensation. You may also be eligible for interest on the wages you were owed from the time they were unlawfully taken to the date of the claim, as well as payment for attorney’s fees and court costs.

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For more information about a potential wage theft claim in Lorain, contact us to schedule a free case consultation. You will meet with one of our attorneys, describe your situation and have your case analyzed by experienced professionals. Then, you will receive personalized legal advice on how to proceed. If we believe you have grounds for a claim, we may offer to represent you during negotiations or litigation. We represent workers in Lorain County and throughout Ohio. Call (216) 446-8886 today.