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Parma Unpaid Travel Time Attorney

As a worker in Parma, Ohio, you are entitled to fair pay from your employer. In some circumstances, this includes payment for your work-related travel time. If you believe you are owed compensation for unpaid travel time, contact Scott & Winters Law Firm, LLC for a free case consultation. Our employment lawyers will help you determine if you have grounds to file a claim against your employer for a wage and hour law violation.

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  • Our Parma wage and hour attorneys have extensive trial experience. We have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of clients in successful settlements and verdicts.
  • We have represented employees in settlement negotiations, individual lawsuits and class actions involving wage and hour laws in Ohio for many years.
  • Our unpaid travel time lawyers in Parma are capable of successfully resolving cases against Fortune 500 companies, major corporations and other powerful adversaries.

Ohio’s Unpaid Travel Time Laws

Under state and federal laws, your employer is required to pay you for the time you spend traveling. Travel time must be paid as part of your weekly hours worked. This means that if your employer has failed to pay you for travel time, you may also have grounds for an unpaid overtime claim in Parma.

The types of on-the-job travel that must be counted as hours worked for payment purposes include:

  • Travel for work-related activities
  • Errands done for an employer
  • Travel for business meetings or worker training
  • Travel for business conventions
  • Travel to off-site projects
  • Special one-day assignments
  • Round-trip travel between two cities
  • Overnight travel

The laws that grant travel time pay to workers are the federal Portal-to-Portal Act (found in the Fair Labor Standards Act) and the Ohio Minimum Fair Wage Standards Act. Both of these laws require employers to pay non-exempt employees at least minimum wage for all hours worked, including travel time that is part of the job.

How to Get Paid for Your Travel Time in Parma

If your employer has paid you less than minimum wage or nothing at all for job-related travel, you may have the right to file a claim for unpaid wages and overtime in Parma. Start your case by collecting information about the issue. Gather copies of all relevant employment records and documents, including work schedules, timesheets and paystubs. Then, bring these documents to an unpaid travel time attorney at Scott & Winters Law Firm, LLC for a review.

Our lawyers can assess the merit of your case and list your legal options. You may be eligible for backpay for unpaid travel time plus liquidated damages (an amount equivalent to back wages), as well as compensation for unpaid overtime, pay that fell below minimum wage and an additional amount to penalize your employer. We can help you file a claim or bring a lawsuit against your employer to recover the wages you are owed.

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Unpaid travel time cases in Parma can be complicated. Don’t wait to contact Scott & Winters Law Firm, LLC to speak to an attorney about your specific situation. We will listen to your story and inform you of your rights under state and federal wage and hour laws. Workers throughout Ohio have trusted us to advocate for their rights and best interests for many years. Find out how we can help you today. Call us at (216) 912-2221.