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Strongsville Unpaid Travel Time Attorney

As an employee in Strongsville, Ohio, you are entitled to fair pay for your work-related travel time. If your employer has not been paying you for travel time, you may be entitled to back pay for these missed wages as well as additional amounts in fines and penalties. Contact the employment lawyers at Scott & Winters Law Firm, LLC to learn more about your case during a free consultation.

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  • Our attorneys have over 35 years of experience in the practice area of employment law. We have successfully litigated over 100 jury trials.
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  • We have skilled class action attorneys who are ready to take on any employer for unpaid travel time. We have represented tens of thousands of workers in Ohio.

How an Attorney Can Help With Unpaid Travel Time

Working with an unpaid travel time attorney in Strongsville can give you all the information and advice you need to resolve your case as efficiently and effectively as possible. Your lawyer can explain your rights to paid travel time as a worker under state and federal law. Then, your attorney can represent you in negotiations during an insurance claim against an employer or litigate your case at trial, if necessary. Hiring a lawyer gives you a better chance of securing positive results for your employment law case.

What Are Ohio’s Paid Travel Time Laws?

Employers in Ohio must abide by state and federal wage and hour laws. This includes the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, which requires all employers to compensate employees for time spent traveling for work-related purposes. This includes work-related travel both inside and outside of regular working hours.

Types of travel time that should be compensated by Ohio employers include:

  • Traveling between job sites
  • Traveling for a work conference or meeting
  • Travel that involves an overnight stay
  • Running errands for a boss
  • Traveling for worker training
  • Special single-day assignments

Essentially, any travel that is part of an employee’s principal work activities should be compensated the same as regular hours worked. However, under the federal Portal-to-Portal Act, time spent commuting to and from work is not classified as paid travel time. 

Under the Ohio Office of Budget and Management (OBM) Travel Rule, the current reimbursement rate for worker travel time is $0.58 per mile. In addition, employees may be eligible for per diem for lodging and meals, with maximum amounts determined based on travel location.

How Do You Prove Unpaid Travel Time?

If you have had to travel for work outside of your daily commute but have not been properly compensated for your travel time or expenses, you may be eligible for financial compensation. Proving your case requires evidence establishing the details of your work-related travel as well as employment records showing that you have not been compensated by your employer accordingly. 

Keep detailed records of your time spent traveling and other documentation that may support your claim, such as timecards, travel itineraries, expense reports, travel cost breakdowns and emails regarding travel details. Then, bring this information to an attorney at Scott & Winters Law Firm, LLC for a complimentary case overview.

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Unpaid travel time is a common tactic employers use to try to cut down on overhead costs. However, it goes against federal law and could entitle a victim to financial compensation through a claim or lawsuit. 

If you wish to file a claim against your employer for this tort, speak to a Strongsville wage and hour attorney at Scott & Winters Law Firm, LLC as soon as possible for an in-depth review of your case. We offer free initial case consultations and are dedicated to protecting the rights of Strongville’s workers.